Challenging journey

My family recently tackled a 24 kilometre bike ride, of which the first 12 kms of which were a difficult, uphill slog for my 11 year old. There were tantrums, he tried giving up, he argued, but he persisted. His joy when he reached the top and during the downhill journey home, was immense. (And so was ours!) And now he can’t wait to tackle a 30 kilometre ride.

How much sweeter is the destination when the journey has been challenging – when you have had to work hard at it and pushed out of your comfort zone?

When your persistence and determination pay off, and the destination is in sight, it’s time to celebrate…then set your sights on your next potentially longer, potentially harder journey – which suddenly won’t appear nearly so difficult or scary.

I am looking forward to tackling that next bike ride with my son just to witness his sense of achievement and his joy – but this time I will be more prepared; I will be taking ear plugs!